CBG & Other Groups Win Injunction

Radioactive Debris from Boeing Nuclear Buildings Barred from Disposal at Unlicensed Sites

The Superior Court in Sacramento has just issued a preliminary injunction, blocking the state toxics agency from approving any more shipments of radioactive debris from tear-down of Boeing nuclear structures at SSFL to unlicensed disposal sites.  Bridge the Gap had disclosed that regulators were quietly allowing radioactive metals to be shipped to metal recyclers for melting down into the consumer metal supply, and other radioactive waste to be sent to municipal garbage dumps or to chemical dumps not licensed for radioactive waste.  The injunction remains in place pending final outcome in the case.  The suit was brought by the firm Strumwasser & Woocher on behalf of Bridge the Gap, Consumer Watchdog, Physicians for Social Responsibilty-LA, and the Southern California Federation of Scientists.

Click here for court order:

2013-12-11 Order After Hearing Granting, In Part, Mtn for Preliminary Injunction

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