CBG Releases 50th Anniversary Publication

Read the Chronicle of CBG’s Half Century of Working to Protect a World at Risk

Read CBG President Dan Hirsch’s Letter Reflecting on CBG’s 50 Years

THE COMMITTEE TO BRIDGE THE GAP CAME INTO BEING IN A COUNTRY TORN APART BY THE VIETNAM WAR. Responding to the moral imperative to work to end the horrors of the war, and catalyzed by the killings at Kent and Jackson State at home, a “Committee to Bridge the Gap” was formed, aimed at bridging the generation gap and attempting to change community views of the war and other issues that divided the country. We worked night and day for the following five years to help end the war. After the bombs and napalm finally stopped, Bridge the Gap shifted focus to work for environmental and social justice and fighting nuclear dangers of all kinds.

Fifty years after CBG’s founding, the country is once again torn apart by divisions that threaten to destroy the very foundations of democracy. Our planet is threatened by the existential threats of nuclear war and climate change.

At this crucial moment, we look back to honor the work that has been done over the past 50 years and those who did it, and to recommit to the struggles ahead.