Navy used obsolete safety standards in shipyard cleanup, researchers say

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Read the SF Chronicle report regarding radioactive contamination at Hunter’s Point:

According to a new report, the Navy, which is supposed to be removing radioactive contamination from the shipyard, is relying on decades-old, obsolete safety standards in order to avoid cleaning up dangerous substances — a strategy that lowers the Navy’s costs, but increases the risk that people living or working on the site will get cancer.

Hunters Point Radioactive Contamination ‘Was Far Greater’ Than Thought, Researchers Say

KCBS reports:

SAN FRANCISCO — Contamination is more widespread in San Francisco’s Hunters Point section than previously acknowledged, according to a pair of reports from a non-profit based in Santa Cruz.

The amount of land that’s been tested for radiation represents only a fraction of the Navy’s land there, according to researchers.

New report heightens radiation concerns at SF Hunters Point

Fox 2 reports:

 – A meeting was held Thursday night to go over the latest reports on potential contamination of the old Hunters Point Shipyard site in San Francisco.

A new report suggests the radiation left behind by the Navy is far worse than what residents were told.

Report: No Data Exists To Support Presumption Of Safety At Shipyard

The SF Chronicle reports:

An independent report, one of two released Thursday on the safety of the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco, said no data exists to support the presumption the shipyard is safe.