Overwhelming Support for SSFL Cleanup Agreements

An unprecedented 1,700+ comments were received on the Agreements-in-Principle for the cleanup of the Department of Energy (DOE) and NASA portions of the Santa Susana Field Lab, the contaminated nuclear and rocket testing facility, with supporters outnumbering those with questions and criticisms by 100 to 1. In a move that has created some frustration in the community, however, DOE has requested a second comment period, this time on the detailed legalese in the Administrative Order on Consent that puts the Agreement-in-Principle into a legally binding and enforceable form. The community has so long yearned for the cleanup to commence that the delay in signing a final agreement and requiring people to go through a comment period again has caused some irritation. But DOE and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) have committed to signing a final, legally binding agreement by December 6, after the close of the second comment period. So, PLEASE get your comments in, by November 22, urging that the final agreement be promptly signed (see Urgent Action).


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