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California lawmakers in standoff with Gavin Newsom over $400M loan to keep Diablo Canyon open (Sacramento Bee)

CBGJun 11, 20241 min read

“California lawmakers rejected Gov. Gavin Newsom’s bid to include another $400 million for Pacific Gas & Electric Co. in the state budget, in a political standoff that began in 2022 with a bargain to keep the Diablo Canyon Power Plant…

Public demands Supes sue state to clean toxic site (Ojai Valley News)

CBGJun 11, 20241 min read

“Eight Ventura County residents provided public comments regarding Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) cleanup at the Ventura County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, June 4. The public comments all encouraged the Board of Supervisors to follow through with a…

Critique by CBG of the Navy’s Draft Fifth Five-Year Review of Hunters Point

CBGMay 8, 20242 min read

Click here to read our critique. Click here for the appendix to our critique. Every five years, the United States Navy is required by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA, also known as Superfund), to review the…

Non-proliferation experts urge US to not support nuclear fuel project (Reuters)

CBGApr 9, 20241 min read

“Nuclear proliferation experts who served under four U.S. presidents told President Joe Biden and his administration on Thursday that a pilot project to recycle spent nuclear fuel would violate U.S. nuclear security policy. SHINE Technologies and Orano signed a memorandum…

5th Circuit vacates Holtec CISF license (Beyond Nuclear)

CBGApr 3, 20241 min read

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, in New Orleans, on March 27, 2024 issued a ruling vacating the license, approved by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in May 2023, for the construction and operation of Holtec International’s…

Anti-nuclear activists file appeal over Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant’s safety operations (KCBX)

CBGMar 25, 20241 min read

“Two nonprofit groups, Mothers for Peace and Friends of the Earth, submitted an appeal brief to the ninth circuit court system this week. It accuses the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of making “unlawful” decisions when checking on the power plant’s safety…

California’s last nuclear plant gets lifeline amid search for more clean energy (Courthouse News Service)

CBGMar 18, 20241 min read

“The decadeslong safety debate is likely to continue, though. A researcher from UC Berkeley recently concluded the plant does represent a significant risk due to deterioration, according to the Los Angeles Times. And Daniel Hirsch, a retired director of the…

DTSC-Boeing scientists say contamination contained at toxic field lab (Ojai Valley News)

CBGMar 18, 20241 min read

“Two scientists working in a decades-long relationship for Boeing and the state Department of Toxic Substances Control, the state regulatory body overseeing a stalled effort to clean up the most industrially contaminated site in Ventura County — the Santa Susana…

US Navy Acknowledges Rising Toxic Groundwater Threat at SF Superfund Site (KQED)

CBGMar 7, 20241 min read

A recent report from the US Navy confirms what we argued in our 2019 report on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard: leaving contamination on-site beneath a thin ‘cover,’ as the Navy intends to do, is insufficient to protect public health,…

Radioactive Rain (Ojai Magazine)

CBGMar 6, 20241 min read

Click here to read this overview of the history of and current fight over the Santa Susana Field Lab by Kit Stolz in Ojai Magazine.

A warning about radioactive air pollution from Pilgrim (CommonWealth Beacon)

CBGFeb 26, 20241 min read

“Daniel Hirsch, retired director of the program on environmental and nuclear policy at the University of California, Santa Cruz, said ‘there is no credible expert who believes that [disposing of this nuclear waste in this way] is safe. It is…