Hunters Point Reports


FROM CLEANUP TO COVERUP: How the Navy Quietly Abandoned Commitments to Clean Up Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and is Instead Covering Up Much of the Contamination by Daniel Hirsch, Maria Caine, Taylor Altenbern, Haakon Williams and Audrey Ford

Plant Uptake of Radionuclides and Toxic Chemicals from Contaminated Soils Below a Shallow Soil Cover by William Bianchi, PhD

Bioturbation, Erosion, and Seismic Activity Make Shallow Soil Covers Ineffective at Isolating Contamination by Howard Wilshire, PhD


Report 1: Hunters Point Naval Shipyard: The Nuclear Arms Race Comes Home – October 2018

Report 2: The Great Majority of Hunters Point Sites Were Never Sampled for Radioactive Contamination — And the Testing That Was Performed Was Deeply Flawed – October 2018

Report 3: Hunters Point Shipyard Cleanup Used Outdated and Grossly Non-Protective Cleanup Standards – October 2018

Critique of the Navy’s Protectiveness Review of its HPNS Building Cleanup Standards – November 2019

Critique of the Navy’s Protectiveness Review of its HPNS Soil Cleanup Standards – September 2019

Critique of the Navy’s Draft Five Year Review   – September 2018

Critique of the California Department of Public Health Work Plan for a Partial Gamma Survey of Parcel A-1 Hunters Point Naval Shipyard – July 2018

Critique of the Work Plan for Retesting of Parcel G Hunters Point Naval Shipyard – August 2018 

Critique of the Navy’s Parcel F Proposed Plan for Offshore Sediment Cleanup Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Superfund Site – May 2018 (updated December 2019)