CBG’s 2014 Annual Report!

In this year’s annual report, we discuss a recent court decision blocking radioactive waste shipments to unlicensed disposal sites.  Earlier this year, CBG reported that Boeing had been shipping radioactive debris left over from building demolition at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory’s (SSFL) nuclear area to unlicensed dump sites.  The sites, which included the Buttonwillow facility (.pdf) in California’s Central Valley, had been accepting metal and concrete from the site even though they were unlicensed to accept the radioactive material from SSFL.  The report triggered a lawsuit by CBG and other watchdog groups in Superior Court in 2014.  Through the suit, the organizations obtained a preliminary injunction barring the approval of these radioactive shipments pending a final ruling on the merits by the Court.

We also discuss the recent discovery of several earthquake faults under the Diablo Canyon nuclear facility on California’s central coast.  When the facility was constructed decades ago, the facility’s operator, Pacific Gas & Electric, and industry-friendly regulators claimed that there were no active faults under the site.  The recent fault discoveries, however, now bring the total number of neighboring earthquake faults to four.  CBG questions whether there should be a “four faults and your out,” type rule in order to prevent a Fukushima-like disaster on the Central Coast.

Other articles include an “in memoriam” discussion of the late Dr. Richard Saxon; an update on the SSFL cleanup fight; and the NRC’s recent assertion that nuclear waste is ok to leave where it is.

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