Reuters Publishes Special Report on Boeing’s Strategy to Leave SSFL Polluted

“In 2007, Boeing signed an agreement with California to make 1,900 acres clean enough that people could live on the land and eat vegetables from their gardens. But most of that cleanup never happened. Now, Boeing is pursuing an unorthodox strategy that could enable it to bypass cleaning up much of the land. The company is using a legal agreement meant to preserve nature to argue that it should be allowed to leave much of the pollution untouched. … California rejected Boeing’s argument that the conservation easement warranted a lesser cleanup, but to avoid a lawsuit and further delays, the state reopened negotiations with the company anyway. Boeing has won a preliminary victory in getting the state to consider new cleanup scenarios, including some that take the easement into account. All of the new options would leave more pollution behind than the cleanup the state approved years ago…”

Click here to read the full story from Reuters.

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