Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Safety Concerns: 2023 Year End Update

Governor Newsom recently pushed through a $1.4 billion loan to keep the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

operating despite safety concerns. This raises questions about the plant’s safety and potential risks.

The risks include…

Embrittlement of the reactor vessel

Neutron radiation can weaken the reactor vessel over time, making it susceptible to cracking. PG&E’s own analysis in 2002 indicated the vessel could reach dangerous levels of embrittlement by 2021. PG&E has delayed further testing, raising concerns about the current state of the vessel.

Unfulfilled promises of safety reviews

PG&E was supposed to perform additional tests in October 2023 but cited technical difficulties. They now claim they won’t analyze the reactor vessel until 2026 or 2027, despite potential risks.

Potential consequences of a meltdown

A cracked reactor vessel could lead to a meltdown, releasing vast amounts of radioactive material. This could impact much of California for generations.

Actions CBG has taken to address concerns

CBG submitted detailed comments submitted to regulatory agencies.  CBG also briefed elected officials and conducted media outreach to raise awareness.

Urgency of Action & Next Steps

Continued operation of the plant with a potentially embrittled vessel poses significant risks.  CBG is adamant that immediate action is necessary to ensure public safety.

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