CBG’s 2023 Annual Newsletter & Dan Hirsch’s Year-End Letter


We are pleased to share our annual newsletter with you.

It has been another year filled with daunting challenges – and yet, as you’ll read in Dan’s letter to help the year end, “The moral arc of the universe does not bend toward justice on its own; it has to be bent by people of commitment who are willing to make sacrifices.” We continue our work at CBG to contribute to the bending of that arc.

In the newsletter you’ll find:

  • New developments in the fights at Santa Susana, Hunters Point, and Diablo Canyon;
  • A celebration of longtime CBG colleagues and allies Pauline Saxon and Dale Bridenbaugh;
  • A meditation on the long environmental struggle from our Board Chair Jack Miles;
  • Nuclear greenwashing, radioactive waste, and more!
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