Water worries linger as field lab cleanup progresses (Simi Valley Acorn)

“Simi Valley resident Julie Korenstein questioned why Boeing is able to conduct its own monitoring.

‘I only wish there was someone else verifying it. I don’t really feel comfortable. It’s the fox verifying how many chickens there are in the chicken shed,’ Korenstein said.

Simi Valley resident Jeni Knack, from the activist group Parents Against SSFL, contested Becker’s assertion about limited off-site contamination. Knack cited an independent study published in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity after the 2018 Woolsey fire which indicated that SSFL’s radioactive contamination had migrated, with high levels found in Newbury Park.

She expressed concern that such critical information will not be addressed in Groundwater University events and highlighted inconsistencies between provided information and actual collected data.”

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