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Contact the Governor, Ask Him To Sign SB990

CBGOct 12, 20071 min read

10/12/07 Result:Governor signs historic cleanup bill into law, clearing the path for meaningful cleanup at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. (alert text follows) It is critical that the Governor is aware of public support for the recent SSFL bill passed…

SSFL Bill Becomes Law

CBGSep 5, 20071 min read

September 5, 2007: Seven Republicans joined Democrats in the California State Assembly in a 50-22 vote in favor of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory cleanup bill. One of the only nuclear meltdowns in the world occurred at SSFL. With passage…

CBG Critiques Boeing Cleanup Plan

CBGAug 25, 20071 min read

August 25, 2007: CBG tears into inadequate investigation of toxic contamination at Santa Susana Field Lab.  Click here for CBG Comments on “RFI Group 6 Report.” Our comments are available for download HERE (.pdf)

Court Victory on SSFL nuke site

CBGMay 22, 20071 min read

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has just issued its long-awaited decision in the lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Energy by the Committee to Bridge the Gap, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the City of…

Department of Homeland Security’s “Dirty Bomb” Guidance

CBGFeb 17, 20071 min read

Allowing High Long-Term Radiation Doses to the Public Without Cleanup Dan Hirsch presentation to the American Association for the Advancement of Science Click here to view the slides Click here to view the written statement

Independent Panel Releases New Studies on Potential Cancers from 1959 Meltdown & Potential Migration from Other SSFL Accidents/Spills

CBGOct 7, 20061 min read

On October 5, 2006 the Santa Susana Field Laboratory Advisory Panel released a series of studies about potential offsite exposures and health effects from the 1959 reactor meltdown at SSFL and other accidents, spills, and releases that occurred there.  The…

EPA Staff propose rejection of National Academy of Sciences findings on Radiation Risks

CBGSep 26, 20061 min read

Politicized, Anti-Science Effort to Set Lax Radiation Protection Standards The EPA requested (and funded) the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to study the state of scientific knowledge on the risks to human health of “low doses” of radiation.  NAS found…

Rancho Seco Nuke Plant Victory

CBGMay 22, 20061 min read

Bridge the Gap and the Sierra Club recently discovered a proposed contract by which radioactive wastes from decommissioning the Rancho Seco nuclear plant would be sent out of state for disposal in landfills not licensed or designed for radioactive waste. …

CBG Reveals New Evidence of Radioactive Contamination of Water at SSFL

CBGApr 22, 20061 min read

In an April 2006 presentation, CBG details exceedences of radioactive strontium-90, and a complete failure by the Water Board to take action.  You can view this presentation in a variety of formats: Click here to view it as a .pdf…

Critical Hearing Regarding SSFL

CBGJan 19, 20061 min read

Hearing Date : 1/19/06 Result: The Regional Water Quality Control Board refused to grant Boeing a relaxed pollution permit. Rocketdyne has violated its pollution discharge permit from its nuclear/rocket testing site dozens of times in the last few months.  The…

NRC’s Lax Dirty Bomb Cleanup Standards

CBGJan 11, 20061 min read

A nuclear Katrina in the Making 1/11/2006 The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today issued guidelines for responding to a radiological “dirty” bomb that would permit doses to the public equivalent to tens of thousands of chest X-rays without requiring…